Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 Review

Shoe Review: Skechers GOmeb Speed 3

The word fast doesn’t spring to mind when someone says the name Skechers and up until a year or so ago, even the word running probably wasn’t the first thing you thought of either. I mean Skechers are designed for kids and teens are all blinged out and you can buy them at your local mall right? Most of the running world thought this way as well and then Meb Keflezighi won Boston in a pair, leading from the gun, and the world did a double take. The new GOmeb Speed 3 is the result of Meb’s relationship with Skechers and we got to take them for a spin.


First off, let’s get this out of the way. You are not wearing Meb’s shoes when you slip into the GOmeb Speed 3s. Meb has an extremely narrow foot and runs in a modified version of this shoe that is made specifically for him, so that is a shoe you will never be able to buy or even want to buy for that matter. This is also the case the with every other premier runner and running shoe that exists, so it’s definitely the norm in the industry. Most athletes wear custom shoes when they race, lets all get over it.

Skechers GoMeb3 - Stacked


All that being said, you are wearing a shoe that Meb has a had a heavy hand in it is very apparent as you break down the features and the feel. This is shoe made for runners and designed to be used at speed. This is not your hop out and cruise at a mid-range pace for a 10k. Its more of a get out of bed and try to destroy your run and set a PR and leave everyone else in the dust. It’s designed more for a mid-foot runner, but they made some changes in this years model that allows for a little more relief on the heel and also increases the bounce a bit. It is a firm shoe with a more minimal 4mm drop, but gives you a little cushion as well so more experienced runners will feel solid in them even at distance.

Skechers GoMeb3 - Overhead

In testing at 5k and 10k ranges, I found the shoes to be incredibly fast. I have mentioned this prior, but this is one of those shoes that you need to mentally keep up with. They want you to move your legs quickly and when you start to slow your pace down, you definitely feel it a bit. In all honesty, I found these shoes great to take down to the track and do some speedwork with. So for your beginner to average runner, at distance, I might look for something with a bit more cushion and if you are a heel striker then beware. If you fall into that category, but want to add speedwork to your training, then the GOmeb Speed 3 might be the perfect place to start.



The first thing you notice is that these shoes are super light, about 7oz, so they rival most other race shoes. They are seamless throughout the upper and this is definitely noticeable in the fit and the run, no weird rubbing or slipping, etc. They also have increased the width of the toe box which we love as this gives your toes a little more splay and allows your foot to relax a bit more. The sole is stiff and this is both due to materials and to a stability plate that lives at the mid-foot.

Skechers GoMeb3 - Flex

One comment we get a lot is the question of light shoes equalling cheap materials and I want to go on record saying that those two things are almost never synonymous. The material choices for the GOmeb are definitely different from what you are used to, but I wouldn’t let that dissuade you. They still stood up to testing well and I actually never felt like they were breaking down.


This is very much a question of opinions and aesthetics. They definitely don’t run with the norm of running shoes designed in the last year, but they also definitely don’t feel like your run of the mill Skechers. We tested the Blue/Lime pair and I actually thought they look quite good. The entire mesh upper gives them a lot of room to play with graphics and they can be as flashy as they want and I don’t think they went too over the top. Again, this is definitely an opinion thing.

Skechers GoMeb3 - Side

Skechers also provides two different insoles for their shoes as well as an additional pair of laces (in alternate complimentary colors) and this is actually very appreciated. This is actually one of those areas that shows us just how committed to running Skechers has become and how much attention they are paying to the community.

Skechers GoMeb3 - Closeup

Overall, the GOmeb Speed 3 is a solid speedwork shoe and they are definitely making strides in the market and have a solid lineup of performance running shoes.


  • Weight: 7.1oz (size 9)
  • MSRP: $120.00
  • Available: Buy Now