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Gear Review: Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses

We talked about the Rudy Ergomask in another review, but I wanted to speak directly to the Rudy Genetyk which became my eyewear of choice for triathlon competition. There was something not only about the styling, but also in the fit and feel that I found so attractive that I made them my choice for competition and most runs.

Styling and Design

The styling of the Genetyk is, I would say, very traditional to typical triathlon/running eyewear and other Rudy offerings, but it’s colorways are what really got my eye. They offer several colors one of which was the very high viz yellow and blue model which I tested and wore in competition. If you hate the super bright in your face colors, then they have muted tones available as well. Prior to the actual race, I found myself gravitating to these glasses for most runs simply because of the amount of structure they offered. The frame is a three piece design and is very strong, but I never felt the glasses wear down at the joints which is an annoyance I’ve had for many other glasses over the years.

Rudy Project Genetyk - Front
Front view of the Genetyk, I quite enjoyed the colorway we tested.
Rudy Project Genetyk - Side View
Side view of the Genetyk
Rudy Project Genetyk - Interior
Interior view of the Genetyk, everything is flexible/moldable.

Lenses, Simplicity, and Use

The Genetyk offers a very large number of interchangeable lenses for lighting conditions, so they have you covered here and changing them out takes next to no time. However, I found the value in these really came in their durability and simplicity. Right out of the box they come in a hard plastic clamshell design case that protects the glasses well and they also include a cleaning cloth and bag. The case was so durable though that I could just throw the glasses inside and toss them anywhere (like when I throw them into my dry bag and miss for instance) and never had to worry about them. The actual glasses themselves feature that same level of their ability. I found myself routinely dropping them in any number of bags with other gear or occasionally they might drop off the top my head and hit the ground, mistakenly of course on my part. Every time though, they stood up to the task well and even today the lenses remain unscratched and the frame still looks good.

Rudy Project Genetyk - In Case
The Genetyk in their awesome bulletproof case.

When worn on top of the head, the Genetyk clung nicely and would never jostle during a run to the point where sometimes I would forget they were up there until needed. Once in use, they would never flinch from their position end never needed to be played with during a run. From a pure function perspective, they ventilated well and fogged up very rarely.

Wrap Up

Overall, the Genetyk were a standout and are still the glasses I reach out to for a run. For a ride, I might jump over to the Ergomask given its larger field of view and super lightweight feel. The Genetyks made their way with me in runs across the US and even overseas on vacation. I loved the color and the fact they really popped as it became a conversation piece. I recognize that some folks won’t love that, but they have you covered as well. So, they have definitely found a place in my arsenal.

Like other Rudy Project products, they are available direct from the Rudy website for $249.99, but again I would encourage you to sign up for their newsletter and keep your eyes open for some great discounts as Rudy does this for their more loyal fan base. If you want to try them, then head to your local running or cycling store.