Apparel Review: Brooks LSD Thermal Vest

Brooks is definitely one of the biggest names in the running market and we heaped praise on some of their spring and summer apparel offerings last year, but the Fall and Winter months call for a little more warmth and a little more visibility. To counter this, Brooks has released the LSD Thermal Vest which is designed to bridge that time between cold and deep freeze.

The LSD Thermal Vest is designed to be windproof and waterproof and I can attest to both. I paired it with a simple long sleeve and lightweight tights and I found it offered me the perfect amount of warmth from the high 40s down into the mid-30s. It faced rain as well as some serious wind and it did its job really well. The nice part is its really thin and the reason I had stayed away from vests in the past as because of the bulk, but this doesn’t feel much heavier than a light rain jacket.

It fits true to size and is slightly tailored for more of an athletic fit which I like. At 5’11”, I wear a medium and found the length to be almost perfect as it fell in a good spot below my waist. It never rose up when I ran or got in the way. It also features a zip pocket on the back right side which is the perfect size for your phone, edibles, keys, etc. The zippers are all windproof and the primary zipper provides a hook for your headphone cable if needed.

If you are even considering the LSD Vest, then I’m going to get straight to the point here and tell you to buy the high viz yellow version. Yes, it comes in black and blue as well, but the yellow services many more needs providing you with the same protection. Its high visibility and also features reflective material down the back.

Overall, the LSD Vest does its job well and keeps the wind and rain out and keeps your core warm in those mid-range temperatures. If you are looking for a little extra warmth, but aren’t ready to jump to a jacket, then this might just fit the bill for you. The Brooks LSD Thermal Vest can be purchased directly from their site for $110.