Apparel Review: Saucony Evolution Sportop

A couple months back we had a chance to review several of Saucony’s RunWarm and RunDry pieces and they definitely leaned toward the late winter weather, but today we wanted to show off their Evolution Sportop. It has definitely been designed for these early spring mornings in hopes to provide you with a nice thin layer of warmth coupled with their RunDry technology. This quarter-zip style is a staple in most runners outfit as it can be easily layered with a short sleeve or long sleeve running shirt in order to provide you just that extra layer of protection. We’ll dive in a little more into the features Saucony has included to set themselves apart.

The Sportop is made of what they call transition knit and is basically super plush cotton. The feeling against the skin is super soft and also does a good job insulating your body. I found on the days where the temps were in the 30s and 40s, I could wear it easily with just a short sleeve underneath and still felt like I was plenty warm. When the temperatures made their way into the 10s and 20s then I might add a bit choosing a long sleeve underneath and then potentially a shell or jacket on top. A lot of this comes down to your tolerance level of course, but this top will satisfy your needs fairly well in our normal non-wet winter months. I say non-wet because it is not windproof, rainproof, or water resistant in any way. Its just an extra layer of warmth.

Saucony Evolution Sportop - On Body
Decent shot of the Evolution Sportop on body and layered against a long sleeve running shirt. It does run a little big, so try it on first.

In terms of features, the Sportop has a zippered pocket on the upper right breast that is great for stowing smaller items. A phone will definitely fit, but its a little bit awkward to stow it here given its so high up on your body. The cuffs feature built-in elastic thumb loops allowing you to pull it down a little more over your hands giving you a little more warmth. The quarter-zip comes up perfectly and features a small neck protector keeping the zipper from resting against the skin. The last nice feature is a drop tail that allows it to come down a little further in the back.

Saucony Evolution Sportop - Cuff
A view of the cuff on the Sportop
Saucony Evolution Sportop - Collar
A look at the collar and the neck/zip protection.

Overall, the Saucony Evolution Sportup lineup is really something that can keep you warm in those early morning spring temps and is a great building block for something looking to running in those really cold temperatures. The fact that both the top can be layered to allow for additional insulation is a major plus. The Sporttop comes in three colors and is available directly from Saucony for $68.00.