Altra Lone Peak 3 Featured

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 3.0

I am super excited to be giving you guys a first look today at the new Lone Peak 3 from Altra. The Lone Peak is consistently Altra’s top selling trail shoe and is also one of the top 5 trail shoes in the US. For 2016, the shoe gets a massive update both visually and functionally. The shoe has all the same great features as most other Altra trail shoes including the Foot Shape toe box for maximum toe splay, the Stone Guard which is between the mid and outer giving you extra protection, integrated Gaitor Trap, and as always with Altra it’s Zero Drop.

Altra Lone Peak 3 Spin

Construction: The Upper

There are a significant number of changes in the upper in the Lone Peak 3. It is still composed of super breathable mesh, but also adds significantly more overlays which are designed to reduce intrusion from dirt particles, sand, etc. It’s also got a bit of a design facelift as well as you can see with the mountain peaks down the side.

Altra Lone Peak 3 Upper
Altra Lone Peak 3 Upper

Construction: Midsole

The Mid is composed EVA with Altra’s Abound technology which is designed to increase energy return and should compress less throughout your entire run, 70-80% less actually. You also get a very high level of extra protection in the toe box as well as a whole new heel design which is a bit snugger on your heel, but it now holds you really tight which is a huge plus.

Altra Lone Peak 3 Side
Altra Lone Peak 3 Side

Construction: Outsole

The Outsole is made of Altras MaxTrac Sticky Rubber with TrailClaw which is composed of strategically placed lugs that allow for better climbing and descending. With the 3, the sole is a lot more grippier and has a lot more teeth and honestly the grip is fantastic. The increase in the lug count as well as the varying styles and patterns really improve overall control.

Altra Lone Peak 3 Sole
Altra Lone Peak 3 Sole

Style and Aesthetics

The Lone Peak 3 comes in 4 different color ways, but also now has three different versions, including a Neoshell, as well as a true Mid hiker. The low, which we focused on here, retail for $120 and they are available now. The others are due out in August at a slightly higher price point, $150 for the Neoshell and $160 for the Mid.

Run Test

Run wise these things are such a solid improvement over the 2 and the 2.5 I honestly can’t even tell you. They made a ton of improvements to give you more out of the shoe, but they are now half an ounce less than the 2.5 which is just crazy. You can honestly use these shoes for any and all types of trail activities whether it’s a short 6 to 10 miler, to a big ultra, or even as a hiker/expedition style shoe. They are really that diverse. I have a lot of miles on them now and I do notice some wear, but I tend to beat up my trail shoes really hard. I think they will make 250 to 300 miles, but not much more than that from a durability perspective. I find that I can maintain page in these really well, the comfort level is solid throughout, and they hold their line really well. More than anything I feel like I have the control I need throughout my entire run which is a necessity for any good trail shoe.

Overall Conclusion

The Lone Peak 3 is extremely comfortable and definitely something you can wear for runs of any length. If you have tried an Altra in the past and love trails, then this is shoe definitely something to look at. These are a massive improvement and will definitely help retain Altra’s title as one of the top trail shoes on the market.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 9.7oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 0mm heel/toe
  • MSRP: $120.00
  • Surface: Trail
  • Category: Neutral
  • Available: Now