Newton Motion 7 1

Shoe Review: Newton Motion 7

Newton remains one of those fringe brands that only a select few know about, but the ones that do swear by their design. We got a chance to take a look at the latest version of the Motion, the 7, which provides an additional layer of support from other models in the lineup like the Gravity and the Fate.

Construction: Upper

The upper is made of engineered mesh which is both durable and breathable and also features 360 degree reflectivity. The tongue is just a piece of flexible mesh with little padding, definitely designed for performance, but still somewhat comfortable. There is a heel lace lock and eyelets themselves are reinforced and 2018 brings improved laces. Lastly, they have a 4-way stretch mesh panel on the metatarsal which helps accommodate for wider feet.

Construction: Midsole

The mid on the Motion 7 has been fully redesigned for 2018. Their custom blend “Newtonium foam” should provide more cushioning while also sitting closer to the foot. They have also added varying firmness within the EVA which aids with support for pronation and supination.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole is a mix of higher density EVA which aids in rebound along with SHARC (Super High Abrasion Rubber Compound) which helps with traction and durability. The POP pad itself is made of this rubber compound. What you get is a nice mix of rigidity and flex and a decent amount of cushion.

Style & Aesthetics

Every Newton has a very similar profile and general body design. They all look super light and fast regardless of their weight which we dig and they all have that patented POP pad. The bummer is the lack of color options and in this case you only have one – the lime green featured here for men and an orange model for women. You’ve got to love the splash of camo on there as well.

Newton Motion 7 12

Run Test

Running in every Newton takes some getting used to and the Motion 7 is no exception. The POP pad aids in the transition from heel to toe off and really encourages proper form, but it feels weird at first. Until your foot adapts to it, things are going to feel really odd. However, when you do get used to it, then you will start to love it. When it comes to the Motion 7 specifically, we aren’t entirely sure about the additional structural elements. The denser EVA and the lengthening of the flex groove don’t honestly feel all that much different from a shoe like the Gravity 7. It is just as quick and responsive, but there is some question as to whether it is truly adding any benefit. Maybe that is a good thing however because many times support structures can be almost intrusive. In this case, the Motions feel fairly normal.

Overall Conclusion

The Newton Motion 7 is a solid shoe if you are a mild pronator and need some additional support and are also looking to try out Newton’s platform. The only caveat is that all their shoes tend to be a little more expensive so know what you are getting to. Ease your way into the POP platform by alternating from your current with these until you are used to them. They are visually striking as well, but many will be put off by the colorway. If you aren’t sure about your need for support then there is also the Gravity 7 as well.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 9.1oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 3mm heel/toe
  • Type: Support Road
  • MSRP: $175.00
  • Available: Now