Skecher GoTrail 2 2

Shoe Review: Skechers GOtrail 2

Skechers suffers quite a bit from what they are historically known for which is low to mid market footwear. The problem is this carries a stigma of poor design and poor quality. However, the shoes are still solid and even moreso their Performance lineup is much stronger than people think. Never has then more true than with the updated GOtrail model, a decent trail shoe a lot of folks will skip on brand alone… a shame.

Construction: Upper

Probably one of the nicer features right out of the gate is their full H2GO water resistant mesh. This multi-textured mesh provides an additional layer of durability when you are on the trails. The shoe also features additional reflective elements for maximum visibility. The webbing based eyelets also allow for additional tightening in order to ensure a secure fit. The GOtrail 2s also feature an improved molded heel counter and an inner support strap as well. This also improves the side to side stability and control.

Construction: Midsole

The new 5GEN cushioned midsole is an improvement from prior designs, providing an improved midfoot strike zone for better comfort and responsiveness. Their Dupont based Hytrel pressure dispersion plate also does a good job dispersing impact, basically it’s a pseudo rock plate.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole is made for multiple surfaces and features an aggressive bi-directional rubber lug system. They do grip very well, but only firmer surfaces can honestly slip a bit. They actually do better on messier singletrack and even in inclement weather.

Style & Aesthetics

The GOtrail 2s are definitely not the best looking shoe. For the most part the styling is severely generic and they also only come in one color. So while the shoe itself performance-wise was fairly solid it definitely suffers from a visual perspective.

Run Test

The Skechers GOtrail 2 actually feel really good on the feet. The toebox has a nice width, the mid has a good balance of cushion, and the weight being under 10oz is a huge plus. In run they are quick, responsive even and they do track very well under a variety of conditions. The outsole can be a little slippery on harder surfaces, but on singletrack and even in mud they do a decent job.

So while they run well, the look and the materials are just not appealing. The visual feels very dated and definitely not like an aggressive trail shoe. If they can get after this, then they have a solid foundation in their structural design.

Overall Conclusion

The Skechers GOtrail 2 is a solid performing shoe, but it really lacks in the aesthetics department. The pity is the cheap outer shell really hides what is a lot of good technology and ideas. We look forward to see what the 3 looks like because they are learning and improving with each release.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 9.6oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 4mm heel/toe
  • Type: Neutral Trail
  • Stack Height: 24mm/26mm
  • MSRP: $100.00
  • Available: Now