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Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 4.0 RSM – All Weather Low Edition

Altra continues to refine their trail lineup this season with an update to their medium cushioned and constant crowd favorite, the Lone Peak. We got a chance to not only look at the new 4.0 version, but also the new RSM version which stands for Rain, Snow, and Mud. Altra does also make this in a full hiking model with a higher ankle, but not something to really run in. The technologies and materials do cross versions so we are pretty comfortable that are review can be applied to both.

Construction: Upper
As this is part of their all weather series, the engineered mesh has been replaced byeVent®. The eVent technology is 100% waterproof yet still remains breathable due to billions of microscopic pores across the surface. It does give a really weird look to the material which on the colorway we tested was a little odd. It is breathable and also adds a layer of protection to the upper as well. The Lone Peak 4 RSM also features a reinforced toe cap for protection and as always their 4-Point GaiterTrap.
Construction: Midsole
The midsole hasn’t changed much from prior versions. It’s a dual layer EVA (Abound) and also includes an integrated StoneGuard. This means a little cushion, a little bounce, and plenty of protection. They didn’t need to mess with it and that was the right thing call, still a solid mix of performance and comfort here.
Construction: Outsole
With the Lone Peak 4.0, Altra has updated the trademarked MaxTrac technology on the outsole. They have also updated their multi-directional TrailClaw design and these two together really combine to improve traction. The grip on the trail is really solid and the tracking is just phenomenal. Additionally, the Lone Peak stone guard has been redesigned to better match your foot overall. While the upper may visually look a little weird, the outsole is pretty solidly bulletproof.
Style & Aesthetics
The Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Low RSM comes in 2 colors for men and 2 for women. The color we tested was honestly a little odd to us and wouldn’t be our first choice given it seemed to discolor easily, so the darker seems like the better option. The updated outer material is definitely a little different as well.
Run Test
The Lone Peak in general have become a bit of a trouble spot for me in the lineup and here is why. First, they are supposed to be the natural progression from the Superior and the little brother of the TIMP and Olympus… however, their improved specs are all making them more competitive with one another. The TIMPs have lost weight as have the Olympus and we need the Lone Peaks to do the same.
Now in terms of actual performance, they are great just as they have ever been and totally digging the RSM model. These things take a beating and power through most climate without batting an eye. I do find the shoe to be getting a little bulkier visually over the years and when you put them next to the Olympus even, they seem chunky. Under foot I do experience that as well quite a bit, I want them to be a little leaner overall. It’s almost becoming a better hiker than a mid-level performance trail shoe.


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Overall Conclusion
The updated Altra Lone Peak 4 is definitely an improvement over the 3.5. We do struggle a bit with whether the RSM model is worth the added weight, but if you require this degree of weather protection, then they do the job. That being said, the regular Lone Peak 4.0 gives you more color options and cuts an ounce and does have all the same great features. Just like its predecessors, the shoe maintains a nice mix of cushion and performance and the updated design is welcome. Our hope for the 4.5 is that Altra truly better defines the positioning between the Superior, Lone Peak, TIMP, and Olympus.
Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability
  • Weight: 10.9oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 0mm heel/toe
  • Type: Neutral Trail
  • Stack Height: 25mm
  • MSRP: $150.00
  • Available: Buy Now

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