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Shoe Review: Skechers GOrun 7 Hyper

We have tested numerous versions of the Skechers GOrun lineup and the introduction of the new GOrun 7 Hyper finally brings us something truly compelling. Skechers has blended together the midsole from their highly successful Razor 3, added a whole new knit upper all to create a more responsive, lighter, and more performance oriented version of their staple road runner. The question remains if it is better than what they had before and how does it even compare to something like the Razor 3.

Construction: Upper

The new knit materials they are using definitely feel like a welcome improvement. It is a trend we are seeing across numerous manufacturers especially on the road side predominately because it allows for greater foot flexibility while not adding any weight. It also solves the toe splay problem, while the toebox is narrow there is some ample room in front of the toes. The GOrun 7 Hyper differentiates itself here from the Razor 3 which chose to use an all technical mesh design instead. This new upper is also more of a mid which is interesting and potentially you could even run these sockless if you are a triathlete. To say the shoe has been redesigned is an understatement. The new webbing lacing system also works well providing a solid fit.

Construction: Midsole

We raved about the new midsole technology being used on the Razor 3, what they call Hyper Burst, and Skechers brought it to the 7 as well. What it brings is a more responsive and lighter experience, but the rebound improvement is very high especially given that it’s still lacks any carbon plating or other technologies. By keeping the midsole and shoe lighter overall, Sketchers is able to allow the weight of the shoe to be the big performance improvement and allows you to improve turn over simply because there later.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole on the GOrun 7 hyper is different from the Razor 3 in that it has more rubber contact points for better traction and obviously for more recreational runners which is where the shoes targeted. That being said, it does track very well and does grip the road very well also.

Style & Aesthetics

This is definitely something new from Skechers and honestly the knit really takes it down its own path from other Skechers. We aren’t sure we love the look of the shoe and it might be the color selection as it actually looks a little cheap. The real knock here is that Skechers material design has always been a tough one to swallow for a lot of folks, so they should really spend some timing focusing in on a more appealing palette and profile.

Run Test

First off, there was one clear drawback for me right from the get go. It feels like the GOrun 7 Hyper runs a little long and I think this has to do with the redesign of the toebox. While it maintains decent room across the width of the foot, the actual end of the toebox feels further forward giving them more of that pointy toe effect. I normally don’t have to size differently for a Skechers shoes, but part of me wonders if I should’ve gone a half size down given the extra room in front of my toes. That being said, they were incredibly comfortable and it still held me really well so I didn’t experience any slippage. I just found it a little funny as they seem so much bigger and roomy at the very tip and I’ve never noticed this before in any of their other shoes. The general feel of the upper was great, much like you would have experienced if you’ve ever tried any Nike knit shoe. It grips you better than mesh and lays right up against your foot. Some folks do like a a little bit of wiggle room and I totally understand this, so definitely a caveat to look out for. The new higher collar I could give or take. I didn’t honestly notice it and just found it annoying to match socks with it from a height perspective, but I understand their reasoning. Having the collar solves the problem of lack of cushioning around the ankle and you aren’t forced to engineer some sort of heel stay for control.

In terms of performance, I will stay I still like the Razor 3 better as a more speed/race shoe, but the comfort of the GOrun 7 Hyper makes it much more utilitarian. It was great for long runs and I still got that responsiveness from the Hyper Burst mid, it just doesn’t feel as aggressive and is a bit more comfortable overall. Sometimes that little extra bit of weight translates into overall for comfort and in this case even that extra ounce. I could definitely see pairing the two shoes up to move between speed/race race days and long run days given that the midsole technology is so similar and translate so well. I honestly don’t have a lot of negatives on the shoe with the exception of sizing and that extra space. Again it didn’t translate into any slippage, but from a feel perspective it was definitely off-putting. Consider at least trying a half size down first if you are looking to buy.

Overall Conclusion

The Skechers GOrun 7 Hyper is a dramatic redesign of the staple go run shoe. It redefines the model across the board – improved upper technologies, a new midsole platform and even the outsole, it’s basically starting over. Everything that was done is all headed in the right direction in our opinion. Bringing the more responsive midsole translates directly into better performance and comfort overall, the new upper is definitely a trending in the right direction for them from a road perspective. We do have some misgivings on sizing and toebox shape as well as the general aesthetic, it does feel like we will still keep the Razor 3s for our speed and performance days and even our races, but the GOrun 7 Hyper makes for a solid counter for those long run. After this review, we are very excited about where Skechers might be taking their entire road lineup.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 7.8oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 4mm heel/toe
  • Type: Neutral (Lightweight)
  • Stack Height: 19/15mm (heel/toe)
  • MSRP: $130.00
  • Available: Buy Now

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