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Skechers GORun Maxroad 4 Hyper Review

Here we go again and boy were we excited about this one, as many others are as well. It is the new Skechers GORun Maxroad 4 Hyper (what a mouthful) and it’s available now. Before we go any further, let’s just say the name is terrible and yes we know it, but we’re moving past it. Around here we just call it the Maxroad 4 to keep it simple so try not to get lost. It is a combination of some of our favorite elements From the latest Skechers releases including their Hyperverse midsole which we can’t get enough of, so we gave them to two different testers and let them at it.

Construction: Upper

The upper on the Maxroad 4 uses a compression net fabric. A slightly higher collar along with a heel pull allows for easy entry into the shoe, and while that compression will hold you well, the only downside we saw is that it can run a little warm. It is designed to help with that side to side movement and does a decent job of this, but again breathability is fairly low. In cooler weather, it definitely feels great though and actually as a Fall/Winter shoe it’s going to be amazing.

Construction: Midsole

The midsole on this is where you really reap the benefits as it uses their updated Hyperburst technology. It is an update to what we’ve seen before with the GOrun s7 and will be rolled out across their entire line we have to believe. It is still composed of EVA, but the difference is they treated with CO2 and that entire missile becomes a giant collection of EVA bubbles essentially. This means you get the same level of cushioning, but the weight as well as the ride are drastically improved because it feels bouncier and of course, it’s lighter. Total stack height on the shoe all in is roughly 37 mm which is crazy especially given it’s 8 1/2 ounce weight. It also features a 6mm drop, so it comes in at a really nice sweet spot from our point of view.

Construction: Outsole

With the Maxroad 4, for it is very difficult to separate the midsole in the outsole because they are so closely intertwined and so much of that metal is exposed. They have implemented targeted rubber placements across the outsole which delivers a solid amount of traction and grip.

Style & Aesthetics

Skechers still struggles in this area and the Maxroad 4 is no different. It is starting to get better, but the design aesthetic is all over the map, so it still needs work. These are definitely better than others we’ve had in the past, but we would love to see more consistency across the lineup and an overall improved aesthetic. Style is no indicator of performance though and they do offer a couple different colorways for men and women.

Run Test

The overall feedback was fairly consistent, the Maxroad 4 just feels like a lot of cushion, and how you take that directly depends on your running style. The shoe definitely fits true to size and everyone can agree that the first step and is comfortable. The other comment that they definitely do not feel like a performance shoe, they feel more consumerized and more recreationally oriented. While the GOrun 7 alternatively felt faster, that was probably given to the lower stack height and simpler upper design. Our first tester, who paces in the low sevens for majority of the time, loved the feel of the shoe and the turnover, but didn’t feel like it would ever be performance enough for a race. He did feel like it would be a great distance trainer or an every day trainer for a runner in the nine minute and up pace range. He did rave about the Hyperburst midsole though and the level of responsiveness you get out of it given its size and the weight of the shoe. It delivers on so much more than I think anyone was expecting from sketchers.

Our other tester, more in the recreational category, and a much slower-paced runner, felt the shoe was amazing underfoot. From the initial out of the box experience, right into actual use, and then back again, just totally impressed overall. The one noticeable area he felt needed improvement was in the toebox. It isn’t necessarily wide by any means and that compression mesh on the upper does not have a lot of give to it especially when it comes to your first and last digits. The pinky toe can get pulled inwards and honestly the upper just never stretches or expands instead falling right back into position after a run. This can lead to a little bit of abrasion, so if you have a wider foot definitely something to watch out for.

Overall Conclusion

The Sketchers GOrun Maxroad 4 Hyper, a shoe with a terrible name, performs really really well and is impressively built. They definitely aren’t the prettiest, but they really hit all the marks. It is a lightweight shoe with a more than ample amount of cushioning. That Hyperburst midsole is responsive and turns over really well. It is a shoe you can run across the varying paces and distances. The biggest drawbacks we noticed came in the heat generation as well as A little bit of narrowing in the toebox, but overall a strong contender in the market and something to have a look at.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

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