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Saucony Triumph 17 Review

When it comes to the Saucony Triumph platform, it is always a conversation around comfort and really never performance. With the release of the Triumph 17, Saucony is pushing on that a bit with some subtle tweaks, but the question is can they retain their comfort crown. The lighter weight and updated midsole are clearly an aggressive move for the platform, but as it turns out… it runs better than ever and is still just as comfortable.

Quick Details, Specs, and Availability

  • All about comfort and plushness, but with a hint of performance added
  • Weigh in at 10.7oz or 303g for a US Men’s 9
  • Has a ton of cushion and an 8mm heel/toe drop
  • Retails at $150.00 USD and comes in 3 colors for Men and Women
  • It is available now direct and in specialty

Run Test

The plushness of the Saucony Triumph 17 was literally all our testers could talk about and the updated pillowy heel is super funky looking at first glance, but clearly an attempt by Saucony to ensure it hasn’t lost its incredible feel. On the foot, it truly feels like a slipper and while it looks a bit bulky, it is honestly much lighter than previous versions.

The real fun comes during your run because one would expect something this plush to underperform, but the addition of the new PWRRUN+ midsole is lighter and more responsive than any version before. This means your easy day runs feel even easier, but it means you can also dial these up and use them on quicker days as well. Additionally, they really work any distance so they could just as easily handle a simple five mile run or a marathon.

The upper does give us a bit of concern because while it’s comfortable and holds you well, it is going to heat up a bit. It is a minor nitpick though because heel and tongue are nicely padded, the progressively designed upper stretches well upfront and supports you well in the middle of the foot. Overall the shoe feels great and as an everyday runner, you will find yourself reaching for it quite a bit.

Construction: Upper

The upper on the Triumph is a mix of technical mesh along with support overlays through the midfoot, but the real change comes at the heel. The new FORMFIT heel is pretty crazy and you can think of it like memory foam as it adapts to your movement, but it is so plush it is crazy.

Construction: Midsole

The midsole is now 25% lighter than before which means the shoe overall has lightened up a touch, but the real change here comes with the inclusion of Saucony’s PWRRUN+. This now gives the shoe a bit more of a performance tilt than ever before as it allows for that plushness while also giving you plenty of rebound on the toe-off.

Construction: Outsole

The full foot outsole on the Triumph 17 uses a mix of their reinforced midsole, but is primarily a rubber blend that tracks really well, yet also has a bit of springiness to it. It handles wet weather very very well, but the shoe overall will get heavy in the rain as that upper collects it.

Style & Aesthetics

Visually it is a solid update, but this biggest change is obviously that heel and it stands out quite a bit. It looks like a massive pillow from the midfoot back, so it takes a little getting used to. It does come in 3 colors for men and women.

Overall Conclusion

The Saucony Triumph 17 definitely retains its title as Saucony’s best comfort shoe while also adding a new midsole that allows you to crank it up better than ever. I think most average runners would be hard-pressed to find a lot of negative with the shoe. For a lot of folks, this is going to be their new go-to shoe this year.

Learn more on the Saucony website

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