New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v10 Review

The New Balance 1080 has always been the shoe in their lineup you could trust to have cushioning, it was always the plushest. When we first saw these, we were frankly shocked at the radical upper redesign the v10 has gone through, and while we didn’t love the v9… it is quite a departure. Thankfully they left that beautiful Fresh Foam midsole in tact, and focused on the problem areas and the more we run in them… the happier we are with the update.

Quick Details, Specs, and Availability

  • Cutting edge design and ultimate comfort with plenty of rebound
  • Features a fully redesigned upper and new improved heel
  • Weighs in at 9.9oz or 281g in a US Men’s 9
  • Has an 8mm heel/toe drop and plenty of cushion
  • Retails at $149.99 USD and is available everywhere
  • Comes in 5 colors for Men and Women

Run Test

It is really interesting how much of a love/hate exists with this upper design, but we actually kind of dig it and the fact that it feels so untraditional makes us like it even more. Modeled after the contours on butterfly’s wings, the visual of the knit design and most impressively the heel cup is unlike anything you will have seen prior. The best part is that it all truly works. The one-piece knit upper allows for plenty of movement and as you move further into the heel, the design starts to hold you better and that cup really locks you in.

The 1080 v10 feels way more efficient than ever before and when it used to be reserved for those easy tempo days when all you wanted was plushness, the new design feels bouncier and quicker due to the new upswing on the midsole. This means you can use it for way more than just your easy days and makes it useful even when you want to go fast. This is truly a solid shoe for people who want something to train and run in and could easily handle a comfortably paced half or full marathon.

If we have to hit on any negatives on the 1080v10 it probably lands on the toe box. It still feels a bit too pointy and too narrow, so opening this up a bit would be a solid improvement in our mind. Toe splay is a necessity and while the engineered knit does give a bit, you have to forcibly push against it to get the room you need.

Construction: Upper

The upper on the 1080v10 is where New Balance really went to work. First, it features an all-new mixed material bootie that should hug your foot for a snugger and a more supportive fit. It is built off an engineered knit synthetic, Hypoknit, and a technical mesh. The other big change is the new Ultra Heel. Visually it is very different from anything you have seen before, but it does do a really good job holding your heel in place.

Construction: Midsole

New Balance’s Fresh Foam midsole hasn’t really been touched much in the 1080v10. It is plush, rebounds well, and honestly one of the better midsole designs on the market.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole on the 1080v10 features a full flown rubber outsole which gives you not only premium rebound but also solid traction.

Style & Aesthetics

The styling on the 1080v10 is definitely going to be the foundation for all new New Balance shoes in 2020 and people are digging it. The upper design and especially that heel are really interesting and for us, pretty cool looking. They come in 5 colors for men and women.

Overall Conclusion

This is the best 1080 New Balance has every produced hands down. The 1080 v10 takes the beauty that is a solid amount of Fresh Foam and pairs it whole new take on an upper. Clearly New Balance is willing to take risks and we are totally here for it. Of course, this is not a performance shoe, but for most everyday runners this is a shoe you can wear for every type of run and it will adapt to your style well.

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