Review: Brooks Men’s PureProject Long Sleeve Henley

Normally I don’t get especially passionate about running tops, so it takes something really interesting to catch my eye. In this case, Brooks has something really exciting and the PureProject line in general represents some very new thinking for them and for most running companies. It’s not flashy, has really clean lines, and dare I say it… a little stylish.

First off, lets talk about the PureProject in general. It’s clearly about adding a little high fashion style to your running arsenal. It veers away from the neons and primaries of typical running wear in favor of muted earth tones. The long sleeve henley looks like something you can wear with jeans (I’m debating it) and honestly no one would ever know the difference. To give you an example of this infusion of style, the first design aesthetic you notice is the subtle orange snap detail on the left side of the neck extending from your should blade to collar. In all honesty, that piece serves no purpose other than the fact it looks pretty cool. It comes in a very light grey, a slate gray/blue, and then an olive which we tested.

Running in the shirt is a totally different experience. Just like most tech shirts, it wicks sweat really well, has a small functional rear pocket, and even has reflectivity built into the fabric. It is different in that it is ultra soft which is really pleasing to the touch and something you haven’t felt before in other tech shirts. We did find it ran a little larger than other tech shirts at the same size (we tested a medium), so something to keep in mind. It also does sag a bit on longer runs as sweat builds up, but the fabric keeps it off your skin so its noticeable weight-wise.

Visually this shirt looks good on the road or on the trail, but most of all you can just throw it on with some jeans and wear it around. I am a big fan when a company can merge stylish design with function and Brooks has done a good job with the PureProject line overall.

Available: Buy Now for $70.00

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