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Apparel Review: Opedix Dual-Tec 2.0 3/4 Tights

Sometimes we get the chance to look at a brand’s product where there isn’t much else in the lineup, they simply focus on one core offering and attempt to access in that area. In this case, it’s all about compression. Opedix was founded on the idea of producing gear that has a profound effect on health, they refer to it as Kinetic Health Gear. We got a chance to take their Dual-Tec 2.0 2 3/4 tights out for some test runs.


The Opedix focus is clearly on making well-designed compression gear, but even more than that they are definitely trying and use this technology to help alleviate strained muscles, reduce tearing, and hopefully aid in the recovery process. The products are all made in the US, but more than that they are very well made and seem really well thought out. The tights are made of 23 separate panels strategically placed at strategic locations not only to alleviate pain in those spots, but to also increase flexibility and fit. They are composed of two separate fabrics, OPX and TR+ mesh, but the variance between these is really in the combination of nylon and spandex which falls right around 80/20.

Opedix Dual Tec Tight Side

Run Test

When you first pull the product out packaging, you can tell right away there is a commitment to quality. I mean not only do they include a bag to wash the tights in, but also provide clear directions and descriptions of all the functionality offered including washing directions. It may seems like overkill to given they are just tights, but the point here is how premium the feel is.

Opedix Dual Tec Tight Down

On the fit side, they fit true to size and a medium fit perfectly. In run, we found the tights stayed in place well, added compression in several key areas and they kept the quads and hamstrings in a pretty happy place throughout. The 3/4 length is great for most types of weather, thought they will run a little warm when we hit the hotter summer months, but they perfect for fall and spring and cooler mornings. They also offer shorts and shirts which could be used under other gear which could be really interesting. I think they are also a great candidate for building calf sleeves, so maybe we will see some other things from them in the future.

Opedix Dual Tec Tight Close

Opedix Dual Tec Tight Knee

Overall Conclusion

If you’re looking for a little extra compression and maybe you suffer from tight quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc., then I would definitely recommend giving these a shot. It’s kind of interesting to see how much of an effect these products can have on those issues simply because they help increase circulation. I’ve become a huge fan of compression as of late and this is now just another weapon in the arsenal. Like I said, I would love to see Opedix hit the lower leg as well.

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