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His and Her’s Shoe Review: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

New Balance has been going through some dramatic changes in the last couple years and I think it’s culminating this year in better aesthetics, improved design, and really just more enjoyable shoes. In today’s review, we look at the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7. All New Balance shoes are built on the Fresh Foam platform for the most part but there are variances that come in the flexibility, the level of cushioning, the responsiveness, the design, etc. The 1080v7 is the maximum cushioning offering. This is another his and hers battle, so look for thoughts from both sides on this one.

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Construction: Upper

The 1080v7 features all new engineered mesh design in the upper, an internal bootie, and basically its no sew which means limited seaming. The toe box opens very wide which is nice, you get a lot of padding in the tongue, and the toe wrap gives you a little protection. There are also some overlays on the lateral and medial mid that give you a little more structure and hold in the mid.

Construction: Midsole

The mid on the 1080v7 is all Fresh Foam which is their implementation of EVA in a cell based design. The cushion is extremely thick giving you a lot more cushion and the mid also flares providing a paddle effect which gives you more ground contact in the forefoot. It is a bit stiff overall and I don’t know that you really feel all the cushion, but the stack height is there.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole is all rubber and features the familiar New Balance cell shaped design which I do find gives you decent traction. There are new flex grooves in their fore and just before the mid which are supposed to aid in turnover, but overall there isn’t a lot of flex in the design.

Style & Aesthetics

The styling is solid in my mind, they have four separate colorways for men (black, blue, teal, orange) and women (black, light blue, grey/pink, purple/pink) hitting a variety of color preferences with these selections. The overall stance is pretty typical for New Balance shoes, the 1080v7 do have some additional overlays which provide a more diverse visual treatments. We tested the blue and yellow models (primary blue for men and light blue for women) which visually looks good both in run and also with a pair of jeans casually.

NewBalance FreshFoam 1080v7 1

Run Test

His take

Running means has been a dream for me. I love the additional level of comfort and cushioning with minimal wage increases. The flanged outsole to sole transition provides greater ground contact throughout your stride. This increases stability and gives you a larger contact point. I have now run needs at varying distances ranging from 6 miles and less as well as 20+ mile runs. In each case I found them to be consistent and responsive throughout. I find the phone to retain its rebound property well and still return energy during stride. My only big drawback with these is the weight given they are imitated out strange, so at distance and entire basis they tend to feel very happy.

Her take

These are definitely one my favorite shoes in a long time. While they are a little heavy, they provide plenty of cushion, so slower pacers will appreciate this greatly. The clever design of the toe box definitely gives you a bigger contact point which is nice and for wider feet this really helps as there is plenty of room in the toe box overall. I loved these over the Zante v3 and while they could be lighter, between the aesthetic and the feel, these have my vote.

Overall Conclusion

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7 has definitely been popular around here, especially for the female testers. The male tester, with a higher cadence and quicker pace, felt the biggest drawback was its additional weight and lack of flexibility. The overall comfort of the shoe was clear for all. So both testers enjoyed the shoe, but the caveat is that it is really designed for slower pace runners. For faster runners for your speed is, you will want to look into a lighter and quicker shoe. Make sure to check out our upcoming review of the Fresh Foam Zante v3 as an alternative.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 10.8oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 8mm heel/toe
  • Stack Height: 28mm
  • MSRP: $149.99
  • Available: Now