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Shoe Review: Brooks Glycerin 15

There are times when I see revision numbers from certain shoe brands and I am blown away and this has never been more true than with the Brooks Glycerin 15. To think we have gone through fifteen revisions of the model speaks to the strength of not only the brand, but also the platform. The Glycerin is Brooks maximum cushioned neutral road model and the real question is after fourteen tries, how has the latest turned out…

Construction: Upper

The upper has been fully redesigned and the exterior features 3D fit print composed of technical mesh along weigh a stretch print saddle. The idea being it was printed with the precise contours of the foot in mind. Internally, the Glycerin are incredibly plush. The tongue is well padded and the heel collar is padded in an almost extreme way. The thing is honestly huge, but it is incredibly comfortable.

Construction: Midsole

The mid on their Glycerin 15 features a redesign of their Super DNA midsole which is supposed to provide 25% more cushion and result in a softer overall feel under foot. They also seem to be more flexible as well which should aid in foot transition. The interesting part here is that the shoe is lighter so while they increased cushioning, the overall weight has dropped.

Construction: Outsole

The outsole features all new transition zones which are seeing on a lot of other brands as well. These targeted areas have reinforcement which provides enhanced durability and grip. The shoe does have a nice wide flared stance so you get plenty of contact area.

Style & Aesthetics

There are currently 5 colorways available for men and women. Overall the shoe is very simple in its design, definitely not flashy in any way. If you are used to something like the Launch, then these are going to feel a lot more practical. That being said, I have a lot of people ask me about them so there is something to their design.

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Run Test

I have put a lot of miles on the Glycerin 15s now, with run lengths varying across the board. It became very clear to me when I was going to use these shoes very quickly, for recovery and distance. They are not a quick shoe by any means and sure you can try to dial them up, but they are a little heavier and aren’t as quick to turn over. Now, if you tend to have a slower pace overall, then these will in perfectly for you as an everyday shoe. For me however, it was about comfort at distance.

The shoe itself doesn’t lose its comfort over time and takes the impact very well while still remaining responsive. As the miles increase, the shoe holds your foot well and I never experienced any hot spots or slippage. I would say be warned however because at almost 11 ounces, it’s quite a bit of shoe.

Overall Conclusion

The Brooks Glycerin 15 is clearly a successfully predecessor, but has some caveats. They got more cushion out of the shoe while increasing overall cushion and flexibility while also making the shoe more comfortable overall. However, the shoe is still a bit weighty and definitely skews to more recreational runners with slower paces. It is great for recovery and distance, but if you are more aggressive runner then Brooks has better options in their lineup.

Technical Stats, Pricing & Availability

  • Weight: 10.6oz (size 9)
  • Drop: 10mm heel/toe
  • Stack Height: 28mm
  • MSRP: $150.00
  • Available: Now