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New Balance Hierro v5 Review

How amazing does this shoe look seriously? New Balance is taking some big risks lately with aesthetics and the Hierro v5 is no exception. Before you even get into the specs, you can’t help but marvel at the styling of the shoe and as a trail shoe its pretty killer. As you take a look at the specs, you see an amazing use of Fresh Foam and Megagrip to round out a solid offering. There is a big gotcha though, so let’s get into it.

Quick Details, Specs, and Availability

  • A Fresh Foam based trail shoe designed for distance
  • Weighs in at 11.3oz or 320g for a US Men’s 9 (a little heavy)
  • Retails at $1134.99 USD and comes in 3 colors for Men and Women
  • It is available now direct and in specialty

Run Test

From the time we opened the box, we were hooked on the looks of the Hierro v5. It is truly like no other trail shoe on the market visually and we were eager to put them to the test. On foot, these things fit like a slipper. The bootie interior holds you so well and that plush midsole is just pillowy soft.

Out on the trails, the Hierro just eat up most of what can be thrown at it. That plush Fresh Foam is soft enough to handle most impact and the Megagrip outsole can pretty well take on most types of terrain. The shoe has a nice wide stable feel giving you full control and confidence on the trail. The thing we did notice quickly was that these aren’t the fastest shoes, that midsole is really just too comfortable. They do much better at distance where comfort and longevity matter more than time.

The issue is potentially two-fold. First, that midsole we just love is just too comfortable. It seems counter-intuitive, but it doesn’t have enough responsiveness for us to really get any sustained speed. Second, the shoe does feel very wide to us and this is also going to contribute to a bit of performance loss. However, if a nice simple distance run is what you are looking for, then we are all about the Hierro v5.

Construction: Upper

That crazy designed upper is fully synthetic and that bootie construction holds you nicely in place. There are several protective overlays in key areas including the toe where we all need it most. Lastly, they have integrated an interesting lace holder while not as great as others, it hides the laces between two layers at the top of the tongue.

Construction: Midsole

The midsole is simply a full piece of Fresh Foam and nothing more. It is plush and hyper cushioned… simply put, this is a ton of foam and it eats the majority of rocks, roots, etc without an issue.

Construction: Outsole

The entire outsole is made of Vibram which provides a ton of durability and traction. The multi-directional lugs ensure climbs and ascents are both easily handled as are the majority of types of terrains you will run into.

Style & Aesthetics

Styling on these are pretty solid as we have mentioned and definitely a high point for us. All three colorways are solid and you will find yourself wanting to wear these both on and off the trail. It definitely turns some heads.

Overall Conclusion

The New Balance Hierro v5 is a really pretty trail shoe and to top it off it is comfortable and has some amazing tech built into it. However, the biggest drawback we have with the shoe is how plush it is. It is so plush that it actually impacts performance, so do not expect this out of it. So while we would love to say the speed matched the looks, we are sorry to say it actually needs a bit more firmness. The soft midsole does help eat up debris so if you are just looking to knock out nice easy slow miles, then this is a great choice.

Learn more on the New Balance website

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