Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Featured

Running Gift Guide for Holiday 2017

If you’ve got a runner in your life and you are looking for something special, then our team has put together a list of some of our favorites from the last year. There are all kinds of products on the list and our goal was to hit something for everyone. Without further ado, our running gift guide for the holiday 2017 edition!

JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker has become a serious favorite. Whether you are setting up a rest station for a big organized run, setting up a post run spot, or just looking for a great adventure ready speaker then look no further. The Charge is waterproof, provides an extra USB to charge your device, and provides 20 hours of playtime. It also comes in 5 different colors and if you have more than one, then you can connect them and play across all of them. At only $149.95, it’s a great deal for incredible sound.


Another race station and post run favorite is the Windpouch. It’s basically a portable hammock with a really clever and simple way of inflating it. It does take little effort to learn, but once you do its super simply and fills very quickly. It’s also great for the non-runners as well! There are 6 color options and its only $59.99.


I’m not really a coffee guy, never have been. My tendencies have always been toward tea instead and CUSA Tea was something truly different. Instant tea has always been one of these things people stayed away from, but you’ve got to give this a try. Available as single serving packets, you can just pop into hot water and they brew instantly. Seriously, 3 seconds! My favorites are the green and the lemon black teas. Makes iced tea just as quick as well!

Recover Brands

These shirts are perfect for the truly environmentally aware. Think performance apparel with all the moisture handling qualities you would expect, but made of fully recycled materials. Take eight plastic bottles and ground them down, mix them with salvaged cotton and polyester from design industry scraps, and boom you have a very nicely made shirt with a great back story. You can read more about their process here.

Coolcore Wraps and Towels

We are huge fans of Coolcore and while we have touched on their newer apparel pieces, the real favorites are the wraps and towels. Hot day out? Just pop out a towel, get it wet, and let the cooling commence. Soreness setting in, just wet the wrap and bound it up, and boom… cooling compression. The simplicity is undeniable, but they work and stay cool for quite a while.

Lander Phone Cases

In a world of literally millions of phone cases, we wanted to share some new ones with you from Lander. We can touch on all the features, but first it’s about the design which feature subtle colors that just scream for the outdoors. On the feature side, it has is made of patented ThermoLine which handles diverse temps, has an anchor system, reflective stitching, and multiple crush zones. Make sure you check our their full lineup as well.

SOLE Footbeds

There is no product in the running industry that is less unsung than your footbeds, also known as insoles to many. SOLE has been one of the leading producers of footbeds for years. You have seen them on display at running stores, but probably never thought twice about them. However, if someone you are looking to get a gift for suffers at all from any foot, stability, ankle, or calf ailment then they are worth a glance.

That’s it, have a great holiday and if you need any other gift ideas then feel free to drop us a line!

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