2016 Gift Guide

Best Holiday Gifts for Runners 2016

Alright the time has come and you are probably scrambling for last minute ideas, so we have a great list for you. From stocking stuffers to big box items, we have something for everyone. We went through our best of the bests and here we go!!


Sportland Tea

We reviewed Sportland Tea back when they were using the name “Runner’s Tea” and while the name may have changed, the tea itself is still phenomenal. I am really not a coffee guy and I am also the first to go on and on about the benefits of green tea including its high level of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and energy boost. For the holidays, they have a very cool Early Riser Adventure Club package complete with a custom mug and a special holiday sencha blend. It’s $25, so get it while you can!!

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Based in Bend, Oregon and sporting just phenomenal names and flavors, Picky Bars are a big favorite here. They have a monthly club you can join, but I would recommend grabbing “The Whole Shebang”, a ten bar mixed pack, so you can give a little taste of everything. It’s $27.50 for the box.

2016 Giftguide PickyBars


Mark this one up as something you might never expect to love, but Run Gum is something interesting. The gum itself is easy on the stomach, has caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins and it enters your system faster than a gel or bar. They come in 12 packs and are available in Mint, Cinnamon, and Fruit flavors. All come in at $22.49.

2016 Giftguide RunGum

YakTrax RUN

If your recipient lives anywhere that experiences ice and snow, then YakTrax RUN are a no brainer. I freaking love these things and even on the iciest of days I have plowed through it with no problem. Carbide steel spikes up front, steel coils in the rear, reflectivity, and high strength rubber make these things super durable. They retail at $40, but I list them here because you can routinely find them for less at outdoor retailers.

2016 Giftguide YakTrax Run

Trigger Point GRID Mini Foam Roller

The GRID foam roller from Trigger Point is for me simply one of the best foam rollers on the market. The problem is its big and tough to travel with, pack in your gym bag, etc. Enter the Mini with its ultra compact design its perfect for targeted compression. Sells for $24.99.

2016 Giftguide TriggerPoint Grid Mini



I wanted to put this in the tech section as there is a ton of innovation here, but any of the products on the Dr Cool site that contain Coolcore fabrics are pretty amazing. I have been running with the long sleeve cooling shirt for a while now and whether its hot or cold, the thing does a great job dealing with sweat and contains no chemicals. I would recommend sizing down from your normal size though as they run big. The price for the long sleeve is $39.99, but they have some amazing other products as well.

2016 Giftguide DrCool Coolcore

Brooks LSD Thermal Lineup

I just spent a few weeks with the Brooks LSD running lineup throughout Japan and have to say the performance was amazing and I loved the way it looked as well. My favorite of the bunch was the LSD Thermal Running Vest in the maroon, the color is amazing and it keeps your core nice and warm. Paired with the Streaker long sleeve, it’s quite good looking. The vest is $110 and they also have a full sleeve for $160.

2016 Giftguide BrooksLSDThermalVest

Socks, Socks, Socks!

Let’s be honest socks are normally really crappy gifts because people don’t spend time looking into them. Thankfully, there are some amazing manufacturers making great running socks that the runners in your life would love to receive. The following are just a few of our favorites.

2016 Giftguide StanceRun Stance Run

2016 Giftguide Feetures Feetures

2016 Giftguide Smartwool Smartwool
2016 Giftguide Wrightsock WrightSock
2016 Giftguide Balega Balega
2016 Giftguide Swiftwick Swiftwick
2016 Giftguide InjinjiInjinji


Nathan Nebula Fire Headlamp

I am a big fan of Nathan stuff and I have been using the Nebula Fire now for the last several months. It’s very lightweight, gives you three very strong output levels, and is USB charged. You can get it for $75 direct from Nathan. I have noted a lot of complaints about charging this on places like Amazon and can honestly say have never experienced it.

2016 Giftguide NathanNebula

Epic2 Bluetooth Headphones

We have reviewed a lot of bluetooth headphones recently and these are simply some of the best. At only $99.99, the sound is better than most we tried, the sound output is better, and the battery life is 12 hrs… seriously. Its no frills and has no additional functionality with it, but their simplicity is what makes them a solid choice. It comes three colors, includes a carrying case, and also a number of earbud and tip options for a solid fit.

2016 Giftguide Epic2

Stryd Power Meter

We were an initial tester for the Stryd and it’s a game changer for runners. Basically, cyclists have been using power to measure and improve their performance for years and this is the first time someone has brought it to runners. It connects to your other devices like Garmin, Suunto and more. It, charges quickly and the battery lasts for days and their own app is solid as well with in-app coaching. At $199, it’s definitely got the cool factor.

2016 Giftguide Stryd

Kinematix TUNE

We were an early tester of the TUNE as well and I would not think its an alternative to the Stryd, more of a compliment. This brings a ton of performance metrics to your runs. Things you have never really measure before like stance, swing, cadence, and pacing and its not a guesstimate from other sources, its coming straight from the sensors on your foot. At $200, its another super cool toy for the runner in your life.

2016 Giftguide KinematixTune

TomTom Adventurer

We recently reviewed the TomTom 2, but TomTom has just launched the TomTom Adventurer model which has quickly become our go to. While it is targeted as something more than a running watch and includes functionality for other things like skiing, the additional features including trail exploration, altitude, barometer, and more making it an epic trail running watch as well. It also still has a built-in heart rate monitor as well as an integrated music player. Retail on this is $349.

GoPro Hero 5

There are a lot of great action cameras on the market, but the GoPro 5 is still the go to for most. With a million mounting options and the new ability to pull data from the video feed, it’s definitely still pushing the rest of the market forward. Basically, its an easy choice and everyone will be pumped to get it. Most places have it for $399.99 right now with a bunch of extra options.

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That’s It, Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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